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Our marker sticks are made from hard maple giving them a crisp sharp clap. The hinge plates are black powder coated aluminum and have tension adjustable stainless steel screws allowing you the ability to set the amount of free play. Two magnets mounted near the tips of the sticks ensure no bounce back. All corners and edges are rounded over.   

Marker sticks are finished with a low sheen black or white exterior grade industrial finish. Below are our standard marker stick colors. The chevrons are printed directly to the sticks using the same UV ink featured on our slate boards. When placing an order please indicate the number/letter corresponding to the marker stick you would like to have.


Marker stick colors

If you don't see anything you like, design your own layout using our marker stick templates.

Marker stick artwork
Custom Clapper board

Add your company name to marker sticks for just $8.00.

Custom Dumb Slate
Valley Creek Productions
Custom Traditional camera slate
Bonefide Productions
Custom camera slate

Echo Star

Free standard shipping within continental USA

on orders over $200.00!

International orders welcome!

So lets get started...Give us a call or email and we'll walk you through the process.

Phone: (208) 559-6942


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