Prices listed below reflect the cost of one slate. 
Multiple slate discounts are available. 
Custom Time Code Faceplates:
TS-1, TS-2, TS-3, Ambient
avas possessions
Custom Timecode Faceplate on 
white polycarbonate:                                           $50.00

 Custom Timecode Faceplate on 
                                      clear polycarbonate:                                          $57.00
 Custom TS-C Faceplate on 
 white polycarbonate:                                         $40.00
 Custom TS-C Faceplate on 
                                       clear polycarbonate:                                          $45.00



Full Size Custom Traditional Slates: 

Includes hard maple marker sticks with any of our standard chevron colors
slate size:    11" wide x 7.75" high
The Spoiler  

Custom Slate on 
white polycarbonate :                                                $87.00
Custom Slate on 
                               clear polycarbonate :                                                 $93.00    


Custom Insert slates:
slate size: 4" x 6"

Turbo Kid
Custom insert slate on white no marker sticks:            $28.00
Custom insert slate on clear no marker sticks:              $32.00
Custom insert slate on white, with marker sticks:        $60.00
Custom insert slate on clear, with marker sticks:          $64.00


Options (Full size and insert):
Custom marker stick graphics:                                                         $8.00
no additional charge for our standard colors (see Marker Sticks for details) 
Add name to inside marker sticks:                                                   $8.00

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