Front Box
CSS front boxesare designed to hold markers, cleaning supplies, tools and a standard slate board. They are made of hard wood and come unfinished or with a wax finish*. Dividers (5) and tool block are removable and interchangeable. The box includes a mounting bracket with two indented locking levers that will keep your box in place. Bracket fits the standard front box pins (3" on center) found on most gear and fluid heads used in the industry. Slots on the underside of the front box hold standard sized slates and feature two spring catches to keep the slate in place until needed. Slate not included. 
Front box, front box bracket, camera front box
front box, front box bracket, camera front box
front box bracket, front box, camera front box
Box dimensions: 4.25"H x 12.5"W x 7.5"D
*Why a wax finish? All finishes degrade over time. Clear finishes will fade, yellow and peel requiring you to strip the whole box to make it look new again. Oil finishes have a nasty odor that will permeate into your bags and has to be renewed (meaning that smell will never go away).  On the other hand, a wax finish will not crack or peel, repels water and can be easily renewed with a fresh coat of wax.   
Front box with mounting bracket; unfinished
Price: $280.00
Front box with mounting bracket; wax finish
Price: $290.00
Durable aluminum bracket Two indented locking levers Size: 2.25" x 5"
Price: $52.95
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