The Finest Most Customizable Sync Slates in the Industry.
Traditional Sync Slate Features
CSS slate
Hard Maple marker sticks
Magnetic closing feature
Adjustable tension hinge bolts
Customizable marker sticks
Direct print UV print technology
Customize the slate with your text and logos
Print on the front and/or back of the slate
Standard slate size: 11" w x 9 1/2"" h
Clear Laminate protects reverse printed artwork
We can print full color graphics directly to white or clear polycarbonate camera sync slate boards using the most advanced UV ink technology available. This provides for superior clarity and durability over "glued on" artwork typically found on the competitions boards. Our RIP software seamlessly integrates with industry-standard design programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Color Byte). As such, we can work with just about anything you send. Of course, garbage in garbage out.  

Ordering is quick and easy.
1. Email Your Artwork  

Use our templates to assist you in putting your layout together. Or,  email the elements you have and we can put it together for you. EPS, PDF and PSD formats preferred. See artwork guidelines for more details. 
2. Approve the final proof We will email a proof and total cost to you within 24 hours. Check the proof and email us back with your approval (or changes if needed).
3. Make payment. Once we receive your okay on the final proof we will forward an invoice to you via PayPal and print your order. Most orders will be completed and shipped within 24 hours after the final proof has been approved by you and payment has been received. 
Free standard shipping within continental USA on orders over $200.00!
International orders welcome!
White polycarbonate sync slates, available for dummy slates, insert slates, time code faceplates and TCi Slates (for iPad), we print directly onto the front of the board using the latest UV print technology and inks. Several advantages are realized.
1. Full color prints up to 5760 DPI.
2. The ink (ultra violet cured) is both durable and virtually impervious to chemicals, cleaners. The ink is light fast (will not fade) and contains no VOC's (will not harm the environment). 
3. Superior translucency. Because we are printing directly to the acrylic there is no laminate sheet to block back lighting
4. No engraving groves to keep clean.  
Clear polycarbonate sync slates the options for creating spectacular results are even greater. First, we start with optically clear polycarbonate that is coated with an anti-scratch coating. This coating will greatly reduce the amount of  fine scratching that occurs to uncoated clear polycarbonate when wiped with paper towels, rags, etc. and will allow for easier wipe-off. The result, a nearly new looking slate board at the end of production suitable for display. 
We typically print the artwork onto the back of the clear polycarbonate . We can also print on the front side, or both. Printing on both sides creates a 3D effect, the foreground (usually text) can be printed on the front with the background images printed on the back. 

The artwork is protected on the back side by a clear laminate sheet.
There are several advantages to our method of printing on clear polycarbonate.  
1. Increased artwork options
2. Superior clarity, your artwork is not "glued" to the back.
3. Superior durability. 
4. Superior transparency. Because we are printing directly to the acrylic there is no opaque laminate sheet to block back lighting 
In addition to the above, all edges on the polycarbonate boards are rounded over for user comfort.  And finally...the  area in front of the  the time code digital readout is removed to prevent glare over the readout.
So that's it for the boards, mostly.   
The marker sticks are customizable as well. In addition to having several standard color combinations to choose from we can customize the sticks with your graphics. We can apply graphics to the inside edges (the edges that come together when the marker sticks are closed). This comes in handy if you want to identify the slate as yours or your companies.
For additional information please give us a call and we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.
Free standard shipping within continental USA
 on orders over $200.00!
International orders welcome!

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